Texas Hill Country

4 Reasons to Visit Texas Hill Country in the Winter

At Cedar Lodge Texas, we feel like there is never a bad time to visit Texas Hill Country. While most people tend to come during the summer months, we feel like Texas Hill Country in the winter is just as … Read MoreRead More

Cedar Lodge Winery Recommendation: Perissos Vineyard and Winery

At Cedar Lodge, our goal is to invite guests to enjoy their time at our property and also in Texas Hill Country. We believe that this part of the country is worth showing off and gaining notoriety. So when guests … Read MoreRead More

Why You Should Visit Texas Hill Country

At Cedar Lodge, our love for Texas Hill Country is unmeasurable. With so much to do and see, it’s truly an uncommon place and one of a kind in the United States. Those who’ve been here already have an idea … Read MoreRead More

Cedar Lodge Sight: Fall Creek Vineyards

If you’re looking to spend your time outside of Cedar Lodge, we’ve got you covered. While we love when people spend time on our property, we understand there’s plenty to see in this beautiful area. This week, our Cedar Lodge … Read MoreRead More

Why You Should Visit Cedar Lodge

While we know people love Texas Hill Country, we’re not entirely sure people know enough about Cedar Lodge. Located in the very heart of beautiful Texas Hill Country, our property is made for enjoyment, activities, or simple relaxation. In case … Read MoreRead More

Point of Interest: Longhorn Cavern State Park

If you’re trying to avoid the heat or trying to stay dry, Longhorn Cavern is a perfect way to kill a few hours. Just a short 20-minute drive from Cedar Lodge and you’re transported into the depths of history and wonder. Long before it was … Read More

Point of Interest: Inks Lake State Park

  Just a short 12 minute ride away from Cedar Lodge, Inks Lake State Park provides land and aquatic activities aplenty. With children 12 years or under getting free entrance, family fun is both affordable and enjoyable. … Read More

What Makes Cedar Lodge Special

Cedar Lodge is a place that large groups of friends and family can enjoy. It’s also a place where you can bring your employees to for a weekend as a way to say thanks and unwind after some hard work. … Read MoreRead More